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For more than 3 decades, we've helped a diverse spectrum of organizations to develop plans and empower individuals and teams to sustain high-performing work environments.

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Above all, we listen.

Our clients will tell you that a seasoned and experienced outside specialist can provide an objective set of eyes, ears, and ideas that may be critical to identifying challenges and creating opportunities for the future.

In working with organizations to develop capacity and decision-making proficiency, we first team with each client to understand your unique culture and traditions. Then, we advise, assist, and support you in building out plans, sharpening skills, and energizing environments that enhance your strengths and empower your people so that you can achieve the highest levels of accomplishment, performance quality, and job satisfaction. In summary, we design processes that make an organization more capable of delivering on its promise.

Andy Mozenter is a pro. He supported our recent strategic planning process with a well laid-out plan that allowed for fulsome data-gathering and thoughtful analysis. One of Andy’s particular strengths in this work includes his exceptional ability to structure and then manage discussions among a large and diverse group of stakeholders. His skills in this area meant that all voices were recognized and all ideas were given a fair hearing, an essential element to realizing our goal of building community as we planned for the future. Andy also has a keen talent for synthesizing and reflecting back to us ideas that had not yet reached full formation, but which, with his help, we were able to refine and bring forward in ways that were ultimately invaluable to the process. In the end, we have a plan that truly reflects the input of the entire community and that sets a bold and exciting direction for the school over the next five years. I am indebted to Andy for his incomparable contributions to this process.
Kolia O’Connor, Head of School
Sewickley Academy, Pittsburgh, PA
We design plans and enhance skills so you can achieve the highest level of accomplishment​.

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