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Strategic Planning

Our inclusive process of community strategic planning is tailored to the unique challenges of learning institutions.

Over the last twenty five years, Concentrics has developed and refined a process of strategic planning tailored to the particular circumstances of learning institutions.

More than most organizations, schools embrace a wide range of interested constituents including students, parents, alumni, teachers/guides, non-teaching staff, administrators, neighboring communities, leaders in education, peer institutions, and board members.  Our process creates opportunities to touch all of these constituents in gathering insights to guide strategy and decision-making.

A distinguishing aspect of our process is the quality of listening and our capacity to validate and summarize the thoughts of others. People will often share that they felt not only heard, but valued and hopeful based on their participation. Our services are designed to engage school leadership and the broader community in a best practice methodology to garner buy-in and support for the future of the school.  

What to expect from the strategic planning process:

  • Balanced input from every major stakeholder group
  • A strategic vision which will have legitimate community support
  • A reinvigorated mission
  • Inspiring goals
  • Ambitious and practical strategies 
  • A flexible 10-year road map with a practical set of next steps and a 5-year plan
  • Optimism and a stronger community

Leadership & Team Coaching

We provide customized coaching for all levels of leadership to support positive, sustainable change.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching process starts with an examination of the mission, strategic goals and core values of the institution. Guided by these criteria, Concentrics evaluates the leader, either by employing targeted assessment tools or by completing a series of probing interviews aimed at understanding the leader’s strong points and the issues that impact his or her success. We talk with those who are responsible for evaluating the performance of the leader, as well as a selected group of individuals including staff, key partners, and those who may know them in a different capacity outside of their organization as peers, mentors, proteges, and friends. Through the coaching process, leaders will be better equipped to lead themselves, lead others and lead their organizations.

Team Coaching

Leadership capacity needs to grow throughout an organization. Top teams have the responsibility of not only leading their part of the organization, but to make sure the entire system is integrating and advancing its mission. Sorting out what’s yours, mine, and ours among leadership teams is critical. Concentrics consultants design and facilitate meetings and processes that establish efficient and robust meeting structure and process and develop high performance teams who are able to capitalize and grow their strengths to realize strategic goals.

Organization Workshops

Using unique, immersive exercises and strategic frameworks grounded in our proven methodology, the Organization Workshop shapes participants with lasting impact.

The Organization Workshop gets to the heart of partnership in organization life – why partnership is critical to organizational success, what gets in the way of it developing, and the role of leaders in making it happen. Here, participants are given a whole new lens for seeing, understanding, and moving past the roadblocks to success. 

In combination with high-energy activities, participants learn and engage with practical strategic frameworks based on the work of Barry Oshry, a pioneer in the field of human systems thinking. These frameworks help participants make sense of what they’re learning and enable them to connect to experiences in their own organizations. The application activities help keep the lessons alive once participants are back at work.

This total immersion experience gets participants thinking in their heads and feeling it in the guts, producing a lasting impact that carries over to all the critical change and growth initiatives they are involved in.

At the Organization Workshop participants:

  • Focus on systemic conditions rather than personalities
  • Identify predictable, dysfunctional patterns and how to avoid them
  • Deal with the root, not the symptom, of the problem
  • Clearly see the underlying issues standing in the way of success
  • Gain an appreciation for the difficult issues people deal with at all levels of the organization

Retreats & Facilitation

Our facilitators design customized sessions that maximize participation, learning, and deliver on established objectives.

We design retreats that help organizations develop an ongoing process to sustain team and group efficiencies. Our facilitators have the skills to maximize the productive output of group meetings through techniques and methods that keep participants on track, adroitly handling the unforeseen, and symphonically driving the group toward common understanding, purpose, and meaning.

The idea here is to provide that invaluable support that comes from an objective third party who can help boards and administrative teams clarify their session objectives, and work in close partnership to accomplish their desired ends.

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